Saturday, May 12, 2012

I now pronounce you husband and husband

So the latest news is in. Obama loves you in pairs. Irrespective of how you pair up. In a recent highly debated political issue, Obama came out stating his support for gay marriage. Purportedly in his 2008 campaign he had taken the opposite stand. Other evidence suggests that even before that he has voiced his support in a signed legislature, but later denied.

Question - why is this at all a political issue? I mean, as far as I am concerned, this is a no-brainer. I am not homosexual, but I have totally nothing against them. If there are people who feel affection and love for others of the same sex and would rather spend their lives with them - sure, let them. Why are we so bothered?

Well if you think again, it is not difficult to see why it IS an issue. For one, as a political personality, you, strictly speaking, do not have the right to voice your personal opinions. You are a representative of the people, and have to say what they want you to say. After all, that is only democratic. So over the years, campaigners, including Obama possibly in 2008, voiced his opinion against homosexual marriage. The people, the society wanted it, and so he sided with it. "Its nothing personal, its only business" - to quote Michael Corleone.

So what is the key issue? Is it the love of office which prevents leaders from taking a strong stand towards what rationally seems to be right? Are people sacrificing what they know is right (hopefully) just to win public support, and in that case does it count as hypocrisy? Well, yes and no. Sure, its not the best reflection on your personal conscience. But then again, as a representative, you have to say what the people want you to say, that is the hallmark of a statesman - at the cost of possibly silencing his own opinion. 

Then, it works out, the key to the problem works down to the people themselves. Who oppose homosexual marriage? Possibly the Catholic, the religious, the conservative. Ok. I wonder why though. What is a good reason for them to protest against it? Stop the "sin against God" nonsense please and give me a good scientific reason. At least tell me it is "naturally unnatural" since it is not targeted towards procreation, or tell me that its a social thing where you feel uncomfortable living in the vicinity of two girls who you know kiss more than each other's lips. 

Now is the big question. So what? Nobody comes and checks on what you do behind closed doors in your bedroom. Whether you are vanilla or indulge in the exotic kinks now so popularized on the internet that you would think its more the norm than the exception. If you have the right to have a private personal life, what problem do you have with others? Why do you want to dictate what they are allowed to or not allowed to do in their nuptial bonds?

Society as a whole is in the need of growing up. This applies not only to "third world" and "developing" countries, but equally so in the USAs and Australias of the world. People, despite their apparent education and advanced philosophy, are yet to embrace the fundamental concepts of emotional, social and sexual liberation. For now, the issue hangs in the balance of what you think is right, and what IS right.