Monday, February 20, 2012

Awesome Jumping Power

Sometimes I wonder how wonderful it would be to have the eye-view jump superpower. What is that? Its really cool. Say you are standing somewhere, and you cast your eyes as far as you can reasonably see. Then you say the magic words, and voila! You are there!

Simply awesome. Not to mention that you can keep repeating this, hopping across the countryside like no car possibly could. Heck, if you could land yourself on hills, you might go quite as fast as an aeroplane!

Of course one needs to worry about where you are going to land. For example, there are no guarantees to your safety if you landed right in front of a speeding car. It would wham you, and blow the living superpowers out of you. So for all practical pursposes, its probably a good idea to land somewhere you can clearly see to be safe.

Then there is the public issue. You would not like to attract attention, perhaps, to your little unusual-ness. So do it when its a bit empty, or maybe in a really thick crowd too, but where everybody is just way too busy to notice you. But then again, you have to remember the issue of landing somewhere clear and safe. You would not suddenly want to end up on somebody's shoulders, worse still somebody of the opposite sex. The consequences could be really disturbing.

Given these restrictions, its still a really cool thing to have. You would never have to worry about commuting across states for your job - it would be a matter of an hour, at best. You would not need to worry about being stranded at sea, even better, where you can see for miles and miles and in all probability is a pretty safe and clear place to land on, provided you can swim between hops. Thieves and robbers would be practically shit scared of you, when they would point a gun at you and you would simply vanish.

And best of all, when you are happy, you could do a hopping dance of a lifetime!!

Then again, sometimes I also wonder whether I am going mad...